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Our history

 The history of Somiboats

Somiboats was founded in the year 1979 by Gudmundur Larusson boatbuilder.

Gudmundur built his first boat in 1959 and started building fiberglass boats in 1977 and can be said that by that the foundation for Somiboats was born.

In 1979 the demand for fiberboats such as the Somiboat was increasing, and was the decision for Gudmundur to start Somiboats an easy one.

Originally, Somiboats facilities were in a small house in Hafnarfjordur Iceland, in that time Somiboats built up to 30 boats a year and in 1986 Somiboats moved to their present location, a 1000 m2 factory located also in Hafnarfjordur.

In the years 1987 to 1989 Somiboats built 50 boats each year.
After over 20 years and 400 boats Oskar Gumdundsson, Gudmundurs son took over Somiboats in 1999, and with that the knowledge is kept on at Somiboats due to Oskars experience with Somiboats but he has worked at his fathers side since 1983 and knows the business from all angles.

Somiboats employs 15 experienced workers, welders, electricians, builders and so on. And without putting anyone down we can say that at Somiboats is gathered the most experience in Iceland in building boats that can withstand the most extreme conditions.

From 1979 almost 400 Somiboats have been built, and are they located all over the world, such as: Greenland, Farao Islands, Iceland, Norway.


Kistumel 20 - 116 Reykjavik - Iceland - Tel +354-560 7960 -

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